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Irish Rovers, Celtic Nations & EU Football Teams.

Irish Rovers 2012 - 2nd place Global football Festival (Christchurch)

Irish Rovers 2012

Celtic Nations GFF 2013

Celtic Nations

These teams have represented the Irish community in Christchurch and other Celtic Nations for the last 8 or so years in the Global Football Festival competing for the NZ Police’s Communities Cup.  This tournament actively promotes greater involvement by all communities in NZ society and presents a fantastic opportunity to experience the cultural diversity that exists in our city.  New Zealand Police established the New Zealand Communities Football Cup (NZCFC) to provide an opportunity for positive interaction amongst ethnic communities in Christchurch.

The Irish Rovers have been quite successful in the competition over the last few years, having won the Christchurch competition and going on to represent the city at National level twice in the last four years.  The team has also won the Fair Play award on numerous occasions also.  In the 2013 tournament the Irish Rovers won 3rd place and the Celtic Nations received the Fair Play award (with no yellow or red cards in their 5 games).

Both teams are all-Irish, evenly split between new migrants to Christchurch and 2nd/3rd generation Irish/NZ. We always have a lot more players than we can include in the 2 two teams, but we manage to keep everyone involved somehow. In 2013 (Feb) we had so many players (no real surprise!), we ‘constructed’ a 3rd team; the EU. We have to call the teams all different names because only ‘1 team per ethnic group’ is allowed in the tournament.

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