See below for Hall Hire terms & conditions, the hirer agrees to apron filling in a request to hire the hall.

  1. It is understood that the Christchurch Irish Society has first use of the hall and will make best endeavours to provide notice if prior use is required.
  2. The Christchurch Irish Society reserves the absolute right to refuse or cancel a booking at its own discretion.
  3. The Christchurch Irish Society shall not be held in any way responsible for the loss, damage, theft or accident to persons or their prope1iy within the Society’s premises beyond its legal responsibility as owner.
  4. Hire fees are to be paid in advance. This agreement to hire covers only the times specified. The key holder will take responsibility to read the Evacuation Plan and to be Evacuation Manager during the hire period.
  5. Responsibility for opening and closing the hall rests with the hirer. Our facilities are monitored by Code 9 Ltd. If the alarm goes off during your time of hire, please contact them on 374 3424.
  6. The hall must be left in a clean, secure condition with all lights and heaters turned off at the end of the hire period. Trestle tables are to be neatly stacked in the storage area after use. All hall equipment used by the hirer must be returned to its designated location. All rubbish is to be removed by the hirer.
  7. The piano is NOT to be moved under any circumstances.
  8. Chairs or any other furniture MUST NOT be left in front of the emergency fire exit doors. The interior of the hall is a non-smoking area.
  9. The bar will close at 11 pm. All music must cease by 11.30pm, with the hall and car park cleared no later than 12.30am. Cars must not block access for any other users or neighbours.
  10. All parties hiring/using the hall will be financially responsible for all breakages and damages incurred both inside and outside the hall and these must be reported to the Hall Co-ordinator. An account for repair will be issued on completion of repair work.
  11. A bond of $250.00 is required in addition to the hire charge and will be refunded if the hall is left clean, tidy and undamaged; otherwise it will be forfeited to cover any damage or cleaning required. There will also be a call-out charge of $70.00 (min.) deducted from the bond if the property is not alarmed or secured correctly on your entrance/exit. An inspection will take place by the Hall Co­ordinator at a convenient time after the function.
  12. The key to the hall must be collected from and returned to: Kieran McErlain (Hall Co-ordinator) 121a Idris Road, Bryndwr. Phone 351 9558.

Hiring the Hall

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