This weekend Imelda and Anne ran a womens workshop in the clubrooms.


It was an engaging and fun way to learn more about Mindsets and Menopause. Imelda spoke about mindsets, mindfulness and took us through an exercise which helped us ladies press the reset button. It was great to learn a new tool, which was a practical way of helping us to feel less stressed, more relaxed and grounded in that moment. Anne is a womens health expert and spoke to us about Menopause. Often a taboo topic, it was a fun and relaxed way to have a conversation about what every woman will, is, or has experienced. We took away helpful information about the things that we can do to help us through this period of our lives and practical steps that we can take to reduce the discomfort during this time.


Thank you Imelda and Anne for putting this workshop together for us, every woman came away feeling a bit more refreshed, informed and hopeful. We also want to say a big thank you for donating the proceeds of the workshop towards the Giles family and Tadhg's recovery. It is an incredible help and I know that they were so grateful.


You can learn more from Imelda at: MindCoach Academy

You can learn more from Anne at: Kaha Mna Fitness & Welness


Ladies Workshop 

Imelda CurtinImelda Curtin

Anne PicAnne Jordan